Case studies archive

  • Buying and Selling Real Estate in the United States for Foreign Investors

    By: Carl-Christian Thier, Esquire According to the National Association of Realtors, international home buyers purchased $104 billion in United States real estate for the period of April 2014 to March 2016. This number is up from the previous year’s $92 billion, and $68 billion from the year before, reflecting an ever-expanding world market. Th...

  • Walkthrough of a Civil Lawsuit

    Courtesy of Urban Thier & Federer, P.A., International Law Firm Unlike criminal lawsuits, where the government seeks to impose penalties on individuals for violating laws, a civil lawsuit acts to resolve matters between two individual parties. Individuals and corporations alike can participate in civil lawsuits, and may sue or be sued when ...

  • Litigation in the United States of America: Dispelling the Myths

    Litigation in the United States of America: Dispelling the Myths By: Ernest H. (Skip) Kohlmyer, III, Esq., LL.M. Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants, also known as the “McDonald’s coffee case” and “the hot coffee lawsuit,” was a 1994 product liability lawsuit that became a flashpoint in the debate in the United States over tort reform. A New Mex...

  • Galexy's international business cases

    Throughout Europe our international association of lawyers has proven to be useful for clients of member firms. In one case, a German facade builder reaped the benefits of quick and smooth access to the Polish register of companies and insolvency data. This was arranged by the Polish partner office. Another international case concerned a Swiss...

  • International update

    September 2012 - Throughout the Galexy, several legal issues have been resolved recently for partner firm clients, by taking advantage of the knowledgde base within the network. A Belgian CEO of a German company was accused of delay of insolvency, and a criminal representation as well as civil law consultation were conducted in close cooperatio...

  • Social Security

    An Austrian subsidiary of a Germany based company working in the automitive sector needed support concerning social security payments of sales agents. The Insbruck based Galexy partner could efficiently help withing days.  

  • Sunken Tradeship

    A Barge sunk in France on a channel, beeing operated by a captain with a citzienship of the Netherlands. His company operated from Belgium. The German Galexy partner helps to assist the Belgium Galexy partner in dealing with the German insurer of the Tradeship in order to find refund for the damage at the ship as well as at the cargo.

  • Commercial Law, Footbal Stadium

    One of the leading German producers for stadium furniture is not paid by the Belgium client, who ordered the seating system for a football stadium. The Belgium Galexy partner takes over the case in front of the Kamer for Kophandel in Amsterdam and gives profound support to the German client and the German Galexy partner not only in writing but a...

  • Debt Recovery

    The Swiss Galexy Partner helps to recover a demand resulting out of a verdict by a German court through legal execution in Switzerland. Even though the demand is slightly low the German client could be served with a solid legel representation in Switzerland at reasonable costs.

  • Financial Restruction Germany - Netherlands

    The sole sales agent of a German manufacturer for furnitures in the Netherlands comes into a major financial crisis. The Galexy member in the Netherlands and Germany help create a basis for a financiel restructuring through recapitalization within less than 4 weeks.


    Several member firms are actively engaged in these areas. Cooperation occurs most frequently in relation to disputes involving the exercise of liens over cargo, arrest and the recognition and enforcement of orders and judgments in other jurisdictions.


    A number of GALEXY members have expertise in ski law and deal regularly with claims arising from accidents on the ski slopes. Unfortunately a large number of accidents happen on holidays. GALEXY member firms deal with many such cases each year ranging from fatalities to relatively minor injuries.


    GALEXY members have dealt with several cases of cyber squatting and the sale of domain names as well as other aspects of e-commerce law such as contract formation and defamation.


    Advice has been given in relation to protection through registration of trademarks and, where appropriate, applications for registration made. Infringement: a multi jurisdictional copyright infringement claim involved offices in several jurisdictions.


Galexy member firms are working together everyday to provide clients with a first class cost effective service with all types of legal issues.