Case studies archive


    GALEXY members cooperated in a major debt recovery exercise across several jurisdictions resulting in full recoveries in almost all instances. Registration and enforcement of judgments under the Brussels and Lugano Conventions is an area in which GALEXY members cooperate frequently.


    Cooperation between the Dutch and German offices of GALEXY led to a successful claim against a bank on behalf of an insolvent company arising out of inter group transfers effected by the bank.


    A German company wishing to obtain an endorsement for its products from a well known British personality in a related field was assisted by the GALEXY member in England to make contact, set up a meeting and together with the client's German lawyers advise on and negotiate terms.


    A client with offices in several countries was assisted by the GALEXY firms in those countries in planning and implementing a restructuring of its workforce across all offices.


    A client wishing to employ foreign nationals in an overseas office outside the EU was successfully guided through immigration issues. Work permits were obtained by the local GALEXY firm.


    A German tourist was involved in a car accident whilst on holiday in England. Immediate cooperation between the German and English offices of Galexy ensured that the client had a replacement car and was able to continue the holiday. All claims rising from the accident were resolved satisfactorily within weeks.


Galexy member firms are working together everyday to provide clients with a first class cost effective service with all types of legal issues.